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We are the world leading manufacturer of high quality ships-in-bottles. All our products are exclusively designed by the famous craftsman Jochen Binikowski (Buddel-Bini) of Hamburg, Germany. Our main regular trade customers are since many years in the USA, Japan and Germany.

At present our product line consist more than 250 differen ship-in-bottle models from a tiny10 cc miniature up to giant 5 litre bottles.

All our Ship-in-Bottles are handmade and inserted through the bottleneck! They are properly fixed at the glassputty "ocean" and can be easyly transported. The cork is sealed with real sealing-wax.

We are producing in the traditional "pulling technique" where the masts are folded when passing the bottle neck as well as the so-called "perfect hair system." (PHS). All the " strings" of the rig are made of real animal and human hair. The model is first built and completely finished outside the bottle. Then, each mast, including sails etc., is removed again. After that the hull is inserted into the bottle. Then each mast is individually added and all is glued into place.

This technique makes it possible to reproduce fine details because pressure on the rig is minimal and more delicate materials can be used. Also the hull and superstructure can be larger since they take up the entire diameter of the bottle neck. Building models in this technique is rather time consuming and requires great skill. This explains for the difference in price as compared to models of traditional design.

Do not hesitate to ask us for individual modifications like custom names, flags, engravings and discount table


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